Welcome to the website of the EWAS research programme!

EWAS is a multi-year research programme being carried out in Aotearoa New Zealand by The Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit and the University of Waikato Population Studies Centre. The programme is funded by the New Zealand Public Good Science Fund which is administered by The Foundation for Research Science and Technology (FRST). Funding for EWAS runs from 2004 to 2009. As its name suggests, EWAS is concerned to improve the future wellbeing of older people. It will do this by providing new knowledge that will assist policymakers and stakeholders to develop policies and interventions to achieve the best possible outcomes for all age, gender and ethnic groups in an ageing New Zealand society.

This website contains basic information about the programme and will document developments over the coming years. Working papers and publications will be placed in the Publications page as they become available.

The programme is organised around four objectives which are outlined in the Objectives pages. Current developments in the objectives will be reported on those pages.

Once again, welcome to our website and please do return to keep up to date with our progress.